Sheryl Dudley

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Overall Artist Statement

An on-going stream of stimuli ranging from the natural world to digitally-mediated events inspires much of my art.

I like working with images and materials discovered 'by chance'.

Found or cast-off materials are often either the subject, the substrate, or the actual objects in my installations.

Always searching for subliminal connections among many loose threads, my mixed-media practice involves drawing, painting, photography, collage and assemblage to document the passage of time and place.



le jardin des cygnes and magnetic fields

These images were shot at the Tate Modern in London, UK.

After a few stimulating hours spent looking at art I discovered a vista of the 'great hall' and noticed that, bathed in an ominous late afternoon light, the comings and goings of gallery goers could be easily interpreted as something of quite a different nature. Were their encounters innocent or menacing? It was an intriguing opportunity that ultimately questions the mechanics of representation, perception and truth. View series.



The Cost of Being Fabulous: The Mick & Cindy Show

Balancing truth and flattery has always been a challenge for portrait artists. Technology and narcissism has given rise to a new representational ideal - one of erasure and reconfiguration.

After "castoffs", my attention had shifted away from back alleys and dumps. I found myself drawn to the polar opposites on mainstreet where seduction beckoned from every storefront. I began a series of portraits of subjects found in window dressings. View series.